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Top 5 content challenges for retailers
Content production; 5 things retailers are doing now

1. Setting up an in-house department to centralise content management Demands for content are exploding. Every department within a retail organisation is looking for more content, different platforms need their own content to optimise the customer experience, and social media drives its own demand, with new content being a key traffic and engagement driver. These […]

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Content that works for online retailers

Content that works. A seeming simple concept but on a number of occasions recently, we’ve heard stories of leading ad agencies, and big retail brands asking themselves what exactly content means. Easy to make, hard to make pay Creating content is easy. But creating content that works, and that will pay in terms of leading […]

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Building innovative content skills in retail business

Vedo specialises in helping retailers discover what product-level image and video content will sell their products more effectively online. We advise them how they can create that content cost effectively, either inhouse or by using external creative services and then we set up data frameworks to measure content performance to improve the ability to drive […]

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Create effective content in-house
How retailers can create effective content in-house

A growing number of retailers are setting up in-house studios as a means to save money on outsourcing and give them greater and control and understanding about the way product image and video drive sales. If you want to deliver these benefits over the long term you’ve got to make sure that your studio can […]

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