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Moving content closer to site performance in online retail

Vedo’s Managing Director, Tim Bilsborough, talks about the way retailers are starting to re-think about the way they produce content to drive online product sales. Lessons from pure play ‘There are many established retailers out there who still follow a catalogue model, when creating images. Prioritising print, because of the big deadlines that still exist, […]

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3 places to save money in image production
3 places to save money on content production

In high volume content production, specifically in the area where high volumes of product are regularly shot for online use, there are three key areas where processes often fall short, resulting in shoots taking longer than necessary, and costing more than they need to. If you’re looking to save money on content production process, these […]

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Lean 6 Sigma qualification for Vedo
Lean Six Sigma certification for Vedo

Vedo’s Tim Bilsborough received his Lean Six Sigma Certification in February 2015. He becomes the first Lean Six Sigma Practitioner in the UK who specialises in content production process efficiencies. High volume content production is a vital and growing part of any large online retailer business. Increasingly, online retailers want to exercise more quality control […]

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Product photography, brand values in action
Online photography – brand values in action

All retailers have brand values that they aspire to, and they really come to life and become meaningful when all customer touchpoints deliver those brand values. Online product photography gives retailers the perfect opportunity to put their brand values in action, and the chart above shows how powerful product photography is, when you get it […]

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