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Content drives sales
Visual commerce – how content drives sales

Content drives sales when you plan it correctly Watch this short video to find out 3 steps to build into your planning process to make sure your content drives sales: 1. Customer insights.  Using shopping missions to learn what information customer need to make an online purchase decision. 2. Product information. Ensure that you are clearly showing […]

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Driving sales with content
Visual commerce, connecting content to sales

What is visual commerce ? Put simply, visual commerce is the management and control of product images and video to optimise their direct role as a sales driver. The cost of producing content to support large product ranges is high and demand for new and better content continues to grow, so brands and retailers are increasingly […]

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Persuasive content
Making browsers buy with persuasive content

Defining persuasive content. If browsing is a term that describes the shopper as they consider their options when they are in shopping mode, then how do we define the process of helping the shopper choose the right option and make the purchase? Customers have unprecedented access to huge volumes of product options that they can […]

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Content strategy
Content strategy to sell furniture online

There’s much optimism in the home and furniture retail sector about the potential for future growth in online furniture and home interest product sales.  Content strategy can help retailers capitalise on this growing demand to create better, more effective content to use online. What is a better content strategy? By content strategy, we mean the […]

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