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Content planning for products in online retail

The key to getting a great content plan to support online product sales needs to hit the following: 1. Know the product Be clear about the product features and how they benefit the customer 2. Understand the customer What shopping missions does the product fit into? What are the most important characteristics? What search terms […]

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christmas social media images
Have a social Christmas!

It’s not too late to get social media content for this Christmas Remember that Christmas shoot in the height of summer? Going home in the heat covered in glitter? Did you think about product images or social media content? It seems like a long time ago now, but no doubt you got your product shots in […]

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Catch the sale faster with Lifestyle Photography

Online shoppers start their search online, naturally.  But they don’t always start shopping on a retail website. Today, they’re more likely to start their shopping journey by looking for ideas on google and social channels first, and this is driving a shift in content strategy for many retailers; in creating more content specifically for these […]

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Double conversion with a test strategy for digital retailers

Five steps you can take to improve online conversion with a test strategy for digital retailers Two questions: How hard could it be to double online conversion? And what can you possibly change on your site that has the potential to do that?

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