Shooting 13 videos in 2 hours

Corporate Video

Corporate Video Planning and Production

All businesses need to promote themselves to drive sales and we need new content every time we want to do this.

Often, not having the content in the first place stops us from pushing our business as often as we should, and corporate video can work much harder than you think.

The approach taken on our shoot with to produce their corporate video, is one that any business can take and is quick and easy to implement, which makes it very cost effective.

13 videos in 2 hours

In a 2 hour filming session, we shot enough footage to produce at least 13 different corporate videos.

Each one covered a different aspect of the business and included content for the website, for blog posts and also for linked in.

A simple concept

The concept was simple: to provide an overarching corporate video about Content Queen services. Then, we produced individual videos that went into more depth about each service.

Finally, we shot some soundbites to use in social channels that will be used to drive traffic to the site.

In addition to the videos, we create a series of gifs and stills that can be further used for social media.

In this short space of time we’ve produced enough variation to run a promotional campaign for a few months.

Bring your business to life

Corporate video is the perfect way to bring a business to life and to help your prospects to understand more about what you do.

Building campaign frequency

For any campaign, you need to build frequency, to give your audience the opportunity to see your content a few times.

You also need to vary the message slightly so they don’t get bored, and increase the chance of them seeing something that resonates with them.

To get so much content from a short shoot needs a good planning process and an organised post production workflow.

If you think this could help your business, just drop us a line and if you’re quick, you could kick off the New Year with some great content.


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