Bents Home and Gardens – Christmas 2017


To design, build and photograph 2 room sets. Snowy front door setting with models, Christmas themed kitchen lounge setting with models and incidental product cameos in-situ.

Images designed to link Christmas magazine to instore themed POS.

Shoot list: 2 main sets, 50 cameos and 8 POS product shots.


Room setting concepts designed and draw – 2 days

Props sourcing – 2 days

Set build time – 10 days

Stylist time on set – 2 days

Photographers time on set – 2 days

Photographers time on set POS – 1 day

Post production – 1 day

Sweeping up snow and glitter – 6 months

The Result:

Client Testimonial:

Emma: Marketing Manager – Bents Garden and Home

Christmas period is a very important time for Bents and it gets a lot of attention from the business. We asked Greg and Tim to come up with a setting and suite of images that captured the essence of our “Christmas Is here” campaign.

We we’re delighted with their approach and came up with alternative setting that challenged us as a business, and it worked!

The results were fantastic and very well received by the business and our customers.

Behind the Scenes:

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