Content strategy
Content strategy to sell furniture online

There’s much optimism in the home and furniture retail sector about the potential for future growth in online furniture and home interest product sales.  Content strategy can help retailers capitalise on this growing demand to create better, more effective content to use online. What is a better content strategy?

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Virtual Reality 360 video – Content personalisation for retailers?

All retailers’ focus is on the customer and providing them with an informed and confident decision to buy from them and content personalisation is key to conversion optimisation. Retailer’s approach towards content personalisation has been an informed and/or a best practise one. With a smorgasbord of product images and video served inline with demographics and […]

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Are consumers hacking your product content?

Hacking has been a growing subject over the last few years, there’s obviously computer and site hacking, social and email account hacking, growth hacking and even bio hacking (Biohacking is a fairly new practice but in short “do-it-your-self biology” Wiki link). By definition – and I quote “Hacking is the gaining of access (wanted or […]

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User generated content
Make user generated content work for your brand

User generated content is a hot topic in visual commerce. But it can damage your brand if you don’t take control over it. It stopped me buying a sofa, find out why in our video. But don’t be put off from using it based on this experience! We give you a framework to follow to […]

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Good vs best
Supporting product price with content

Content has a critical role to play in ecommerce to justify the product price to the shopper. An online shopper wants value for money, whatever the product and whatever the price range they’re shopping in. Managing good, better, best Retailers with large product ranges have low and high priced products within a category, structured in […]

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Content drives sales
Visual commerce – how content drives sales

Content drives sales when you plan it correctly Watch this short video to find out 3 steps to build into your planning process to make sure your content drives sales: 1. Customer insights.  Using shopping missions to learn what information customer need to make an online purchase decision. 2. Product information. Ensure that you are clearly showing […]

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