Good vs best
Supporting product price with content

Content has a critical role to play in ecommerce to justify the product price to the shopper. An online shopper wants value for money, whatever the product and whatever the price range they’re shopping in. Managing good, better, best Retailers with large product ranges have low and high priced products within a category, structured in […]

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Driving sales with content
Visual commerce, connecting content to sales

What is visual commerce ? Put simply, visual commerce is the management and control of product images and video to optimise their direct role as a sales driver. The cost of producing content to support large product ranges is high and demand for new and better content continues to grow, so brands and retailers are increasingly […]

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Persuasive content
Making browsers buy with persuasive content

Defining persuasive content. If browsing is a term that describes the shopper as they consider their options when they are in shopping mode, then how do we define the process of helping the shopper choose the right option and make the purchase? Customers have unprecedented access to huge volumes of product options that they can […]

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5 essentials for effective retail video

So you want to create retail video to increase sales of your product online? This post gives you a successful formula that you can use to plan the way you present your product in your retail videos. Tell the customer what they want to know – not what you want to tell them

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Making Lean Six Sigma work in content production

Often the principals of six sigma and its benefits are wrongly associated with JUST manufacturing. As we all know the definition of a process can simply be “an action resulting in an outcome” and taking that simplistic view it applies to all areas of our daily life. Often the “creative and content production sector” is an industry that […]

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‘Exceptional in the moments that matter.’ This statement is at the heart of strategy and business philosophy, and product content has been earmarked as one of the defining moments that matter by the board.

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