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Vedo are a content production agency, specialising in the creation of effective video, photography and copy for brands and retailers selling Home and GM products.

Content Strategy

What do you want your content to do?

We can go further than many content production agencies, because we understand what makes effective content. We proudly help our clients to do the following:

Content Production

One shoot for all your multi-channel content

Today brands and retailers need effective content for web, mobile, social and print.

They need video, images and copy that can work across all channel uses.

Vedo are experts in multi-channel content production. Our commitment to high quality and cost effective production means you always get the best value from your shoot.

Content Access

Making it easy to find and access your content

One of the best ways to get value from your content is to ensure your internal teams and your agencies can search for and access all of your content assets.

We specialise in content meta-data, tagging and taxonomy to give you best-in-classs content management, so that you can maximise the use of your content and reduce last minute re-shoots


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Working with Vedo

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Content That Delivers Results



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