Have a sociable Christmas!

Remember that Christmas shoot in the height of summer, going home in the evening warmth covered in glitter? Buy, did you think about product images or social media content?

It’s not too late to get social media content for this Christmas

It seems like a long time ago now, but no doubt you got your product shots in the bag back then. Now Christmas is on us, are those images enough to bring the festive magic into your Christmas social campaigns?  Or are you wishing that you’d captured some images and video back then that you could be feeding into your social channels?

If you didn’t, you’re not the only one. Content for social media is often missed out of shoots because they happen a long time before the marketing activity. But the good new is, it’s neither too late, nor too expensive to add some fun and sparkle to products, so they shine in social media feeds.

How do you do this, without re-shooting everything?

With a little creative planning, existing images and video can be repurposed into bespoke social media content. This is an overlooked route to creating images and video for social, and it’s cost effective to produce.

If you do want to create something new, Vedo have pre-built room-sets that you can use free of charge to keep costs down.

Not only that, we specialise in planning photo & video shoots that give you lots of different edits and variations. One shoot with Vedo will keep social feeds fresh and customers engaged with your content right up until Christmas.

Building more variety into your social content is a great way to grow  social brand awareness, and give shoppers more reason to purchase.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers, brands, manufactures and creative agencies; and we’d love to help you too. Simply drop us a line at tim@vedodigital.com or tweet us on @Vedo_Tim and we’ll be in touch.

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