How can you maximise content budgets? – Just think Lego

To maximise any budget, you need to bring value to the table and think a little outside the box.

As a business owner I’m always looking at add value to our clients and increase the output of what we do.

And this is where Modular Based Content Production can make the difference.

To explain the principles and how it works; yes, you’ve got it, think Lego.

With a nod to the “Lego Movie” everything is AWESOME!

MBCP (sorry sounds like a carpark) is were several smaller modules (assets) are produced separately so that when composed together, they construct the desired content.

The modular production process produces far more reusable assets than a traditional production process, since all of these modules can be reused (without change) into other content.

This also facilitates the “breaking down” of original projects into several smaller projects.

The Breaking down of assets is common place these days. But at times poorly thought through and detriment to the brand and the integrity of the original content.

Surely its more expensive I hear you cry!

Whilst the process isn’t design to reduce spends its design to get more variables and therefore maximise what budgets you do have, to give you more content.

As an example, when commissioning video soundtrack the master version with a loop during the piece so it ends at the desired spot. To then reduce the original edit to half its length and a 10 second outro versions give you the opportunity to use that music for multiple videos and social short form at minimal extra cost.

When you start to change your mind set into a MBCP the opportunities and variables are endless and with the content linking together as a consistent tone.

With MBPC the devil is in the detail as well and the shoot/campaign planning. But just like with any commission, you need to know what you’re asking for and what the content is trying to do.

But if you get it right you’ll have an abundance of content you can use at any customer touchpoint…all consistent and joined up in its look and feel.

Try it – It’s AWESOME!




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