Catch the sale faster with Lifestyle Photography

Online shoppers start their search online, naturally.  But they don’t always start shopping on a retail website. Today, they’re more likely to start their shopping journey by looking for ideas on google and social channels first, and this is driving a shift in content strategy for many retailers; in creating more content specifically for these channels.

They want to show their products in aspirational settings to give them more impact and context. They want images that sit well in social media channels, but with an edge that will give them a better chance of standing out in the crowd.

Why lifestyle images work

Lifestyle images are very versatile in terms of where you can use them. They’ll work in all areas of your site, can be used in print and marketing, and as we said, will be very effective in social channels.

How to get the best value from the shoot

Generally lifestyle images are created on location or in a roomset environment, so set-up costs can be high. Make sure you really maximise the images that you can get from the set, so that your average cost per shot comes right down.  Here’s 3 ways to drive costs down and make images more effective:

  1. Pre-shoot planning. Consider all of your current sales and marketing channels. What gaps do you have? What messages would you like them to carry? You don’t want to use the same images multiple times, so get your photographer to plan how they can get different looks and angles from the shoot, so that you get a suite of varied images that fill the message gaps and give your customers more variety.
  2. What information does the customer want about the product? How can you use a lifestyle shoot to give your customer a better understanding of the product? For example, you can show scale, context and use. You can get really close to the product so the customer can see the detail as if they were holding it in their hands.
  3. Make the images accessible & versatile. Create different versions for use in different crop sizes and ensure that all assets are labeled and stored in a DAM that will make it easy for internal and external teams who use images, to find and access them quickly. The more images can be re-used and repurposed, the better value they are.

How Vedo can help you create stand-out lifestyle images

Our team has years of experience of creating inspirational images that reflect the latest trends, having worked with famous brands like Crown Paints, Dorma Bedding, Fired Earth and many more.

The key ingredients for lifestyle images that will put you ahead of your competitors are inspirational roomsets with accurate architectural detailing, natural lighting styles, and on-trend styling.

We’ll support you further with a planning process that helps you get the maximum content from each shoot, and make it easy for all of your teams to find and use the assets.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers, brands, manufactures and creative agencies; and we’d love to help you too. Simply drop us a line at or tweet us on @Vedo_Tim and we’ll be in touch.

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