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What’s the best mix of images to sell your product?

In online retail, product images play a vital role in the effectiveness of the product page. Get the images right, and conversion increases. So what does good look like?

What is the right mix of images to give the customer the best information, without spending more than you need?

How do you create a style that lets you stand out from your competitors and build a look and feel that works across all of your products?

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Product photography

Lifestyle images

A great way to differentiate across good, better and best product range and help customers shop across trends and learn about the quality of your products.

Cut outs

Cut out images work well beyond the product page, they have many uses and you can use different styles for different applications, from category pages, to PR and advertising images.

360 spin

Being able to spin and zoom gives the shopper control so they can focus in on the part of the product they are most interested in, or are looking for more information about.


No photo shoot should miss out social content! Low cost, high volume yet high on inspiration and creativity, are the hallmarks of an effective social images.


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