Content planning for products in online retail

The key to getting a great content plan to support online product sales needs to hit the following:

Know the product

Be clear about the product features and how they benefit the customer.

Understand the customer

What shopping missions does the product fit into? What are the most important characteristics? What search terms are they using to look for this product? The answers to these are key to help you plan content that they will be more engaged with, and will be more effective in improving conversion.

Plan your content

Consider what images, video and copy do you need for the following places, your product sales page, marketing comms, social media and blogs? Are there opportunities for you to also send content to your customer after they’ve bought your product?

Plan the production

This is were you need to pay most attention if you want to manage your content budgets. The more content you can get out of the production project, the better value for money you’ll get. Key project KPIs to consider are unit cost per content type, and volume of assets created per project. Planning and creating everything together brings many benefits.

Test the content

Content is part of your long term sales and marketing strategy.. You need to find your most effective formats, so setting up a content testing programme is critical, if you are going to learn and improve the way content performs for you in the long term.

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