Vedo Services – Photography

We’re a content production agency with over 30 years experience, specialising in creating effective video, photography and animation for brands and retailers selling products and services. We go further than many production agencies, because we understand what makes effective content. We proudly help our clients when planning photography productions whilst considering the following:

What is a better image?

Creating a better photography means improving your customers’ experience , more realistic understanding of your products or brand.

Images are about telling stories

When we talk to our clients, they’re always clear about their own product stories and what they want to tell their customers. However, when we look at the information that is contained in the product content and map this against the story that they want to tell, there are often big gaps.

Helping the shopper to choose the best option

Shoppers who are in the browsing and choosing process online are in a very receptive shopping mode, they are actively seeking out product information, so will be very attentive to images.

The key to getting the customer to really engage with product content is to make sure it’s high value content. High value content will answer their questions and help them compare and choose their options easily.

Using images as an up-sell tool

Taking this approach to up-sell will help shoppers to navigate different prices and be aware of the benefits of a higher priced product to them. It’s about making the benefits of the higher priced options meaningful to the shopper so that they are making an informed choice.

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Working with Vedo

Working to your budget

Budget are always challenging. But it doesn’t always mean there has to be compromises.

Campaign and shoot planning

We pride ourselves on campaign and content planning. Ensuring messages are clear and understood.

On brand creative

Our creative’s research the latest trends, techniques and always pushing the creative output.

Efficient production

Linking all these together is producing lots of content inline with budgets, ideas and messages on brand.

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