Social Content

How do you feed your content-hungry social channels without breaking the bank?

You need a way of creating images and video that will give you lots of volume, a level of creativity that fits the style of social channels, and that can be produced cost effectively.

Vedo have created a content planning process that does just this, giving you more content for less, so you get engaging images and videos that social users will love and will drive traffic back to your site.

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Benefits & KPIs

Social images

Social images that are high on creative inspiration, but low on cost per shot.  Shoot bespoke social campaigns or integrate into product shoots and get great value for money.

Social video

Social video needs to be fun, fast-paced and cost effective. Get more videos from your budget with our shoot & re-edit process.


YouTube channel content

Vedo will help you create a style and a video formula that will support a long-term youtube channel to give your customers high value and engaging content that they will keep coming back to.


User generated content

Yes, your customers are generating this content, but don’t miss out on the chance to curate their content to best effect and to create a 2-way conversation with them with your own images and video.

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