Top tips for planning Christmas Content

While the sun shines outside (okay it never shines) there are studios like Vedo, working inside dark studios all over the UK, covered in glitter as we shoot Christmas ranges.

Christmas creates big content demands. So, how do you make sure your summer shoot will produce everything your team needs in the winter months? And provide you with the best value for money at the same time?

  1. Think Multi-channel

The earliest deadlines in the organisation (usually packaging and print) drive your content needs and form the basis of the shot list.

If your shoot has been planned mainly based on what you need for one channel, by the time Christmas rolls around, you’ll be stuck with using the same images for everything! Whilst this will fill the gaps, it won’t give customers the best and most engaging experience.

When you shoot product images, video and social content together, you get the best value for money. This means spending time up front planning out what content the site may need. Think about things like advertising and site banners and images for product pages. Consider what you can use for blogs posts and on social channels. Once you have captured everything, you can build it into the same shoot.

  1. Re-use your content

You don’t need to produce every piece of content from scratch. In addition to the content you get from your shoot, you probably have lots of assets from previous seasons which can still be put to good use. The trick is to think about how you can edit stills and video together to produce new gifs and video. This is a great way to create engaging formats that are perfect for blogs and social channels, and that really help you to showcase your range.

  1. Make sure everyone can access your content

When the time comes to use your assets, make sure everyone who needs them can find them and have easy access to them. This helps everyone to hit their production deadlines.

Having an effective asset cataloguing and data tagging system in place should be one of your priorities. It will make it easier and faster for both internal teams and external agencies, to search for and find suitable images that feature the right products. Yet another way to get more value from your shoot.

Christmas content enquiries

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