How can you maximise content budgets? – Just think Lego

To maximise any budget, you need to bring value to the table and think a little outside the box. As a business owner I’m always looking at add value to our clients and increase the output of what we do. And this is where Modular Based Content Production can make the difference. To explain the […]

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Content planning for products in online retail

The key to getting a great content plan to support online product sales needs to hit the following: Know the product Be clear about the product features and how they benefit the customer Understand the customer What shopping missions does the product fit into? What are the most important characteristics? What search terms are they […]

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Using video to do things better!

Video as a medium which has become increasingly popular in retail, especially in ecommerce; retailers reaching out to their customers trying to entertain, inform and increasing engagement. YouTube is a huge social platform, crammed with dancing bears and epic fails entertaining the globe in its lunchtime, and video is voyeurism in its purist form. But […]

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Are consumers hacking your product content?

Hacking has been a growing subject over the last few years, there’s obviously computer and site hacking, social and email account hacking, growth hacking and even bio hacking (Biohacking is a fairly new practice but in short “do-it-your-self biology” Wiki link). By definition – and I quote “Hacking is the gaining of access (wanted or […]

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Corporate Video
Shooting 13 videos in 2 hours

Corporate Video Planning and Production All businesses need to promote themselves to drive sales and we need new content every time we want to do this. Often, not having the content in the first place stops us from pushing our business as often as we should, and corporate video can work much harder than you […]

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Content drives sales
Visual commerce – how content drives sales

Content drives sales when you plan it correctly Watch this short video to find out 3 steps to build into your planning process to make sure your content drives sales: 1. Customer insights.  Using shopping missions to learn what information customer need to make an online purchase decision. 2. Product information. Ensure that you are clearly showing […]

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