Have a sociable Christmas!

Remember that Christmas shoot in the height of summer, going home in the warm evening covered in glitter? But, did you think about product images or social media content?

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Make user generated content work for your brand

User generated content is a hot topic in visual commerce. But it can damage your brand if you don’t take control over it.

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Good vs best
Supporting product price with content

Content has a critical role to play in ecommerce to justify the product price to the shopper. An online shopper wants value for money, whatever the product and whatever the price range they’re shopping in.

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Driving sales with content
Visual commerce, connecting content to sales

Putting it simply, visual commerce is the management and control of product images and video to optimise their direct role as a sales driver.

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Making browsers buy with persuasive content

If browsing is a term that describes the shopper as they consider their options when they are in shopping mode.

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5 essentials for effective retail video

So you want to create retail video to increase sales of your product online?

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