The best way to sell fashion online

Looking across the wide range of different ecommerce fashion retailers, its clear there are many different ways to of creating images to sell fashion. But what is the best way to show garments online? To answer this question, you need to understand about how your customers shop across each product category – something we analysed […]

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The dual role that images play in online fashion shopping

At the end of November 2013, we ran a customer focus group session in Manchester, investigating fashion shopper insights into the way images affected the online purchase process. The findings brought some genuine surprises. We knew that images were important to any ecommerce experience, and the ecommerce industry are slowly starting to acknowledge this, but […]

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How product-centric ecommerce design drives sales

In retail eCommerce, design is a complex area, but product photography has to be treated as a major component, simply because product images are the main site assets. An online retailer can’t exist without products, and their customers rely on those images to understand the products that are being sold. So, in online retail, product […]

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Garment Returns
Ecommerce fashion; the garment return reason you can tackle

In ecommerce fashion, garment returns are an ever-present issue and something that can be a source of consumer frustration that is made known in their social media networks, and had the potential to damage company reputation. In this article, we look at the role images play in reducing returns, and improving customer perception of the […]

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