Video Studio

You want your video investment to pay off, and Vedo’s video planning and production process will do just that.

We make sure each video is answering a real customer need; bringing the product to life, answering all of their questions about it. Your video will add value to the customer experience and will have a clearly defined purpose, so we can measure its ROI by how it improves conversion, builds customer engagement and reduces returns.

We’d help you work out what the best video formats are to drive your business, whether it’s an unboxing video or one that tackles after sales queries; helping your customers make their purchase decision and building a strong relationship with them afterwards.

There are many types of video you can use to get great results for your business, contact to discuss the full range of video options that are available to you and discover which ones will give you the best ROI.

Video production

Customer Insights

Find out what product information is missing from your customer insights and use this to plan your video.



Creating high value content will make sure your video is entertaining and engaging for your customers, value their time don’t waste it!


The right production values

Only spend money where you’ll get returns. If you need high video volumes, we’ll help you create a really cost effective format.

Max out the shoot

Make every frame count and work as hard as possible across all platforms and channels.

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