Virtual Reality 360 video – Content personalisation for retailers?

All retailers’ focus is on the customer and providing them with an informed and confident decision to buy from them and content personalisation is key to conversion optimisation.

Retailer’s approach towards content personalisation has been an informed and/or a best practise one. With a smorgasbord of product images and video served inline with demographics and delivered cross multiple platforms.

So in the everlasting search for the perfect personalised visual content finally over?

I have to admit my head has been turned* by what can be achieved with Virtual Reality 360 Videos; and as a content strategy and creation agency we’re keen to see how it’s done; and then attention quickly turns to how it can work as commercial content.

To make virtual reality video is simple as it is making conventional video – Make, Edit and play.

Cameras starts from around 500 euros for the Giroptic 360, and at the other end of the scale Facebook’s 360 VR cameras costing over 60,000 dollars. To edit (or stitching) the various camera reels into one video, manufactures do provide their own solution but editing suites like VideoStitch are a familiar platform. Finally, the best part of VR is how easy it is to watch. Google have acquired an online video player that everyone can use called YouTube…it works, it’s free and consumers use it!

Video content has been rejuvenated with VR and its getting easier to make, but now the question is how you apply VR 360 video to commerce.

VR video is an environmental experience with practically every VR video on YouTube is shot either on top of a mountain, skyscraper or on the Chinese Wall. With having the background being the subject matter footage of offices, businesses and shops for customers to experience could work very well.

So if you are in the business of building environments (Houses, Cars, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms) OR produce/sell products that live in environments like outside, homes, offices and shops it would work for you**

A few quick and dirty ideas as follows

Okay they might need refining a little.

To finish with I believe there are a few benefits where VR 360 video is credible alternative to interactive CGI. Firstly, its cheap to make and getting cheaper, models can appear in it, it’s easy to host and share etc. and finally one day soon someone very clever will work out how you can move the camera (just like in Call of Duty***).

Eating Virtual Tacos With Danny Trejos – 3D 360 VR
GoPro VR: New York City Jump 360 Video Shot on Odyssey
Gorillas in the Congo: A Jump VR Video

*Just for those who missed that joke…when watching VR 360 video, viewers turn their head to experience their own view of the footage.

**VR video would work for every product

***Ask your kids

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